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Telepower Net S.A.R.L is a leading Retailer/wholesaler of telecommunication products, security, and household products in Lebanon. Ever since it was established in the year 1988 Telepower Net has proved to be one of the best companies in its field. As the dealer of Panasonic telecommunication products in Lebanon, we provide the customers and clients with the newest Panasonic telecom products and solutions.
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Telecommunication Solutions
Find the best-fit solutions for your home or business. We'll provide you with options, and install the solution that optimizes your telecom needs.
After Sales Services
Installation, Repairing, and Maintenance. Our experienced technical team is ready to support and maintenance your. You can even drop off your devices to our workshop for maintenance.
Delivery all around Lebanon
We'll deliver, install, maintenance your products anywhere in Lebanon.
12 Month Warranty
All our telephones products come with a 12 Month Warranty seal against all manufacturer defects.
We're a leading wholesaler of Panasonic products in Lebanon. Contact us by phone for your wholesale inquiries and dealer prices.

From homes, to small businesses, corporations, and organizations, we have been doing it all since 1988, and ready to make your day to day calls not just easier but smarter.

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